Skills that you need for jobs

Good skills in the English language are imperative if you are to succeed in a top job Sri Lanka. We at rakiyawa the most progressive and leaders in finding Sri Lankan jobs for those seeking jobs here would guide you in brushing up your English language skills to be employable, in the private sector.

Our efforts in this endeavour have been admirable and our candidates are occupying some top jobs in Sri Lanka today. Some have even stepped up the ladder and risen to the topjobs. We are proud of our efforts, and would continue in the same vein.

Our designing of prospective candidate’s cv have had very high reviews, and we help everyone through the process till they succeed in new jobs. The testimonials we have received form satisfied employers and employees tell the tale.

We have only the best jobs as we take the care to screen jobs sent to us before they bare made available to our prospective applicants. This is how serious we take our business to be, and have never had to face any unfortunate and unpleasant incidents.

We have built a reputation which we intend safeguarding at any cost, and would always carry only the best vacancies online. We will endeavour to also always have many a top job for those trusting us and looking at us for their requirements of same. We will not disappoint them, at anytime.

We will strive to carry new job vacancies and have them filled up with our candidates by giving them the required impetus to succeed. Any prospective applicant who is apprehensive of his ability to succeed in a top job has only to talk to us and we will polish his skills and get him ready to meet the challenges. We have done well with others, and why not you. We are your success story. 

If it is jobs in Sri Lanka that you are interested in, look no further, we at rakiyawa will have one for you just to fit your qualifications and experience. We are confident that with our years of experience in the business we are in the right place to help our multitude of applicants. Our strike rate in success is also great and have some great personalities in some important places.


Online products and services.

When more people talk about your product or service you are on Search engine optimization or SEO. The mediums that facilitate this are the three most popular search engines namely, Bing, Yahoo and Google.

These three search engines combined provide us with an abundance of information from products, services and ideas. There is nothing that is left out today from the available search engines. These three search engines provide their platforms of information at no cost. They derive their revenue from paid advertisements and not from accessing the search engines.

The information, entertainment, social interaction, an abundance of shopping possibilities and news are all there available at any one’s fingertips. These mediums are used aggressively for marketing various products. Having the best product will not sell, if it is not known to prospective customers.

Melbourne seo the leaders in providing seo services of a very high caliber, has brought glory to clients they have serviced over the years. With high search engine rankings, pulled out by sheer perseverance and dedication Digital Marketing Melbourne has proven beyond doubt that they are the leaders and others merely follow.

The online marketing strategies perfected by Digital Marketing agency Melbourne has brought rich dividends to many of their discerning clientele. Taking the message across using every possible medium has been the strength of the Digital marketing agency’s forte.

The mediums to push the messages across have developed over the last few years and are on a roll with news products entering the market for effective distribution of information. We have the internet, mobile apps, digital television, electronic billboards, and instant messaging among others.

The whole concept of Digital marketing has taken a new dimension with many in the world today having access to the internet and other devices. The world has become a very small marketplace with all these paraphernalia available today.

It is a very common site to see consumers and customers alike fiddling with their hand held devices to get the information they need prior to setting out to purchase what they need. Web marketing helps these prospective customers.

Billions of dollars are spent on search engine marketing and the industry is growing. Every web marketing agency would strive to get their clients a successful return, for every dollar they spend on any search marketing campaign. 


Any team sport would require every member of the team to contribute equally if the game is to be won. This is true for any effort where more than one person is involved it may be the case even in pushing forward a heavy vehicle stuck on the road blocking other traffic. No one person would be able to move the heavy vehicle on his own but with a few others joining him it would be possible.

The same goes when planning and organizing an event or function, as every single aspect pertaining to the event has to work in cohesion for the event to be successful. Bringing all the allied forces together is the knack and if that happens, the event being successful would be a foregone conclusion.

Function Junction with our very popular portal is doing just that. We bring the event planners and organizers along with the service providers to one large platform. We facilitate and provide the means to a successful end. Our efforts have paid rich dividends with the growing popularity of our portal, among all those seeking to organize or in the business of organizing events together with the service providers.

Everyone who is someone in the entertainment and food industry will one day be on this platform and then picking out as to with whom you need to work and making your event a success would entirely depend on you.

With only the service providers paying a nominal fee to register themselves, the planners and organizers list themselves free. The service providers could provide support services to both sides of the equation, to the planners and organizers.

With a variety of service providers using our platform from Catering services, Music bands, Decorators, Cake suppliers, Beauticians, Dancing troops, Party lighting suppliers, Photographers, Videographers, and Hiring cars suppliers, there is room for many more to come aboard and join the bandwagon.

Function Junction provides all those who come aboard to give their products and services the exposure needed to educate their prospective customers. All quotations and pricing would be between the two and we would not in any way be involved in transactions.

We would be monitoring bona fides of those advertising on our portal to ensure that only the best would use our platform.